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The Gaia Venture



Under the watchful gaze of St. Nicolas Peak on the Bow Glacier reproduced with permission from Mike at



World traveler and writer, Perantoni has spent many years perfecting an adventure lifestyle. Marthaís travels have included destinations within and without the US, Canada, in Europe, and in Asia. 

Born on the right coast and raised in small town New England, Martha grew up in an arts/education-focused household under the tutelage of three overachieving brothers, an Italian immigrant father, and a stubborn Scottish mother. Schooled in Boston and ingrained with Mumís love of travel and brothers' love of learning, she escaped from Nor'easters to the vagaries of SoCal after watching too many Pasadena Rose Bowl parades shivering at home wondering where folks could be wearing t-shirts and tans on New Year's Day. Living in more locations in California than there are choices on a Chinese menu, she finally succumbed to the return call of the mountains and moved to Colorado in 2001 to accept a management position at a major ski resort. After six years of corporate confusion and resort ruination, she left to follow her Muse. Blissfully ensconced in her mountain cottage with her three cats, Mr. Bill, Diabla, and Bradford, she is inspired to write and recreate.

Alpinist, skier, ice and rock climber, canyoneer and writer, yet still unable to leap tall buildings in a single bound, Perantoni is more comfortable inside a tent than bound by four walls. From pushing longboats down the Melinau River to hiking the Headhunterís Trail in Borneo to slogging snowfields at 14,000 feet in Colorado, Marthaís zest for adventure and ease of living on the road has opened personal avenues about which most only read and dream.

Which, in a nutshell, is why she does it. 

An avid reader of everyone from Socrates to Sir Christopher Bonington and citing John Muir as her personal hero, Perantoni has an insightful eye and unique voice capable of capturing fully the mood and detail of the moment and the mind of the audience.





Oh, it's enough to be on your way

It's enough just to cover ground

It's enough to be moving on.


Home, better build it behind your eyes

Carry it in your heart

Safe among your own

James Taylor